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Wir über uns


Anlagensysteme für:

» Holz und Recycling
» Umwelt und Entsorgung
» Asche und Schlacke
» Holzpellets
» Bioenergie


Saxwerk verfügt über eine 50-jährige Erfahrung im Bereich Annahme-, Förder-, Dosier- und Lagersysteme für schwer fließende Schüttgüter. Saxwerk hat durch die langjährige Tätigkeit in der Branche eine einzigartige Kompetenz und eine riesige Kontaktbasis in allen Lieferbereichen erworben. Damit verfügt Saxwerk über ein weltweit führendes Fachwissen.


With the rapidly growing demand for equipment in the environment and recycling areas (sludge handling, plastics, demolition wood, etc.) as well as pellet production, our sales will increase for these facilities. The products we use are partly our already well-known products, some new products and systems primarily in the pellet industry. The global desire to reduce the CO2 emissions will give the pellets industry and manufactures an enormous boost.

In order to utilize and expand our sales network, with representatives of a large part of the world, ​​we have collaboration with various companies in different areas. These companies have a similar structure as the rest of the group. In these countries, we have begun at the right time when environmental investments and recycling has a great potential.

A worldwide collaboration is for us not an end in itself. We are confident that optimal solutions can only be offered by shared experience, development and practices from experiences around the world.

In Saxwerk the key words are competence and creativity. The staff is under one roof and the individual results can be translated into practice. This approach reinforces Saxwerks position on the world market regarding transport and storage and combustion technologies for biofuels.

Products for the future

Saxwerk delivers today's and tomorrow's environmental products in bio-energy and recycling. A common word for our business are: cleantech. The whole world today is aiming to reduce their fossil fuel needs (oil, coal, etc.) and reduce CO2 emissions. This and a major environmental thinking. Our products fit well into the future of environmental investments.

The world is our market

The base is in Sweden but Saxwerk deliver worldwide. Our customers are mainly industrial companies, municipalities and bioenergy combines.

Large and small

Saxwerk deliver everything from a single machine to turnkey installations within our five product areas. Product development is continuous and is based on long experience, combined with the very latest in technology and delivery monitoring.



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